The world is home to an immensely diverse pool of irreplaceable knowledge: ethnological, botanical and medicinal. The traditional medical knowledge of indigenous peoples has become severely endangered. The younger generation is no longer interested or has turned towards western medicine.

PlantaPhile researches the variety and application of plants in folk medicines in order to make this knowledge public and thus save the wisdom of centuries-old tradition. Use of these plants imply a huge potential for application in Western natural medicine.

Publication of this knowledge sets focus points of interest from which in the long run mutual benefit will be derived for both the developed world and the indigenous peoples; locally: by establishing new economic potential, globally: through new applications for herbal preparations in modern medicine.

We work in close co-operation with local partners: botanists, doctors, healers and other plant experts, thus acknowledging and protecting intellectual property rights of indigenous peoples and ensuring maximum efficiency.


Plantaphile consultancy specializes in all aspects of licensing herbal products as medicines, food supplements and cosmetics. We advise manufacturers on registration of their products in European, North American and Pacific markets. We offer services ranging from feasibility studies via assembling the registration dossiers and associated documentation for traditional herbal medicines (THMP), well established use (WEU) registrations and full market authorizations (MA). We help manufacturers with placing and establishing their products in new markets, take products through the registration process according to national requirements, assist with setting up a sourcing, contract manufacturing or distribution system or finding suitable distribution partners or businesses suitable for acquisition respectively.

For more information on our activities in the area of THMP registrations please refer to our website There we also offer a variety of product documentations ready for registration as well as product registrations which are being processed or have already been granted.

Asplenium sp.
# 1734
Salvia officinalis
# 0942
Secamone volubilis
# 1527
Rosmarinus officinalis
# 1997
Pittosporum senacia
# 1614
Melaleuca quinquenervia
# 1330
Arctium lappa
# 0016
Flagellaria indica var. indica
# 2100
Pimelea prostrata
# 2350
Carissa macrocarpa
# 1477